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The Sun Will Shine Again Someday by Ronny Wade (Restoration Audiobooks by David Griffin)

Frank Brancato

Examine Yourself
For Jonathan's Sake
The Man Who Was Born Blind
The Value Of A Friend
The Road To Emaus
Be Careful For Nothing

Jerry Dickinson

Elisha And The Shulemite
Super Abounding Grace
Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out
And You Fathers
Standing Between The Living And The Dead
Not For Sale

Homer Gay

The Gospel of Christ 1950s
The Cup (debate)

Doug Hawkins

The Faith Is The Victory
Lessons From Noah
Flee Fornication
I Am A Debtor
Overcoming The World
Blessings in Christ
Heaven's Door Is Shut
The Only Begotten Son

Joe Hisle

God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Word
But He Was A Leper
Father Forgive Them
If You Do These Things
Pandora's Box
Too Busy
Why I Believe In God
Ye Did Run Well

Carl Johnson

For Johnathan's Sake

Don King

The Beginning of Faith
If I am Lost
Unhappy with God's Plan
The Goodness and the Severity of God
Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out
Fitly Joined Together
Great Decisions
The Progression Of Sin
The Red String In The Window

Fred Kirbo

The Devices of Satan
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord

Rick Martin

Take the Name of Jesus With You
Shall You Sit Here
He Sees
Guidelines for Christian Living
Casting Stones at Jesus
The Master Is Come and Calleth for Thee

Barney Owens

One Liners From the Bible

Kevin Presley

Are You Offended at God
Be Encouraged
Counterfeit Christianity
From Dust to Glory
I the Light of the Blessed Hope
If ------- Then Christ Is Dead in Vain
Near the Cross

Bruce Roebuck

The Good Shepherd

Jimmie Smith

I'll See You in the Morning
Subjective Gospels
When Will This Church Depart?
Where Are the Dead?
Will I Go to Heaven When I Die?

Lynwood Smith

Magnifying The Name Of Jesus
Unconditional Surrender
The Family Of God
From Egypt to Canaan
Careless Passers By
Mission Possible
Why Paul Would Be Unpopular Today
M Lynwood Smith Funeral Service
(Speakers are Larry Thompson, Rick Martin, Johnny Elmore, and Ronny Wade. There is a delay before the singing starts.)

Terry Studdard

Pattern for Christian Service

Ronny Wade

The Quality of Public Worship
The Other Side of Grace
Living the Abundant Life
The Christian Fight
The Kind of Membership the Church Needs

Music Provided by: www.legacymusicpublishing.com

On Zion's Glorious Summit
Bound For the Land Of Canaan
Never Say Goodbye
I Want to Be Ready
Overshadowed By Love
Just Over In the Gloryland
Higher On the Mountain
His For Eternity
What A Savior
It Is Well
Just Beyond Sunset

Lamplighters Music provided by Darin Brewer

His Grace Reaches Me
Keep Walking
God Bless You Go With God
Win The Lost At Any Cost
Please Live For Jesus
The Waters Of Jordan
Born To Serve The Lord
I'm Going Home
Mighty Is The Lord
How Big Is God
God Is Not Dead
There Is A Higher Power

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