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Homer L. King

Homer L. King

     Homer L. King, Lebanon, Mo., son of Alvin and Mary (Davis) King, was born April 4, 1892, at Orla, near Lebanon, Mo., in a log cabin, in poverty. He was reared by humble Christian parents. Except for a year in Oklahoma, nearly two years in New Mexico, his home was near Lebanon, Mo., until he moved to Stockton, Calif., in 1961.

     Bro. King received his education in Dallas and Laclede Counties, Mo., and one year in Oklahoma. He taught school for seven years in Missouri.

     At the age of 18, Dec., 1910, Bro. King obeyed the gospel, under the preaching of Bro. A. C. Crenshaw, Harper, Kan., in a series of meetings at Union (now the Lees Summit congregation), his home congregation for many years. Immediately after his baptism he began to take an active part in the public work of the church.

     His first sermon was preached in 1915, and two years later he conducted his first protracted meeting near Norwood, Mo., baptizing three and a number were restored. For the next 47 years he was active in preaching the gospel, covering most of the states, except the New England states. In a meeting in Indiana, 40 responded, 36 being baptized; in another in Alabama, about 60 responded; in his old home congregation of Lee Summit, 27 were baptized; in a mission effort near Lebanon, Mo., 31 were baptized. He has engaged in a number of debates, oral and written, including a written debate with Bro. N. L. Clark on the number of cups for one assembly, which was put in tract. He is a song leader, was a vocal music teacher and song writer, having compiled 22 song books, and a book of sermons in 1945.

     Bro. King began his writing in the Apostolic Way; wrote for The Truth (published by Bro. Harper), being an associate editor. In 1932 Bro. Harper turned the publication to Bro. King, and the name was changed to Old Paths Advocate. He published this for 30 years, until he suffered a stroke, and it became necessary to turn the paper to Bro. Don McCord.

     In 1914, Bro. King was united in matrimony to Maybelle Massie, to which union three children were born, two daughters and a son. Sept. 16, 1933, Sister King departed this life. On April 27, 1938, he was united in matrimony to Sister Helen Buck, to which union a son was born. All the children are faithful Christians; Howard, the older son, takes an active part in the public work of the church, and Don, the younger son, is beginning his first year as a full time preacher of the gospel.

     Since 1962, Bro. King has lived at Stockton, Calif., and served as an elder in the Stockton congregation. He has been in the fight against all departures from the Word of God, since his obedience to the gospel, in both the press and the pulpit.

FEB. 1969

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