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Ronny F. Wade

Ronny F. Wade -

Assistant Publisher

     Ronny F. Wade was born April 4, 1936, in Cleburne, Texas. At an early age he moved with his parents to Ft. Worth, Texas, where he was reared. During his early life he attended the old Vaughn Boulevard church where he obeyed the gospel under the preaching of H. E. Robertson in 1949, being at the time thirteen years of age. His parents, Foy and Inez Wade, were both Christians, and he had the privilege of being raised under the influence of a Christian home.

     He was educated in the public schools of Ft. Worth, graduating from high school in 1954. In 1958, he received the B.S. Degree in Education from Texas Christian University; and, in 1968, the Master of Education Degree in guidance and counseling from the University of Missouri. He also has a doctorate degree in education from the University of Missouri.

     Brother Wade began preaching at the age of fifteen at congregations near his home in Texas. Soon he began to branch out into surrounding states. He has participated in several public debates, both written and oral, on the cups and Sunday school issues. He has also had debates with the Baptist denomination on the necessity of baptism, and one with the Pentecostal Church on miracles. In 1962, he moved to Lebanon, Missouri, where he lived for four years doing evangelistic work. During this period a television program, "Let the Bible Speak," was begun. The program was originally aired over KYTV Springfield, Missouri, to audiences estimated in excess of sixty thousand.

     In 1955, Brother Wade was married to Alfreda McKeand of Huntington, West Virginia. To this union three children have been born. Brother Wade currently resides in Springfield, Missouri.. He conducts several meetings each year, along with a number of debates, and regularly writes a Querist Column for the Old Paths Advocate. He is the author of several widely circulated booklets including: Twelve Reasons Why You Should Investigate the Church of Christ, This Do In Remembrance of Me, Does It Make Any Difference, A Good Soldier (a book on the life and writings of Homer A. Gay) and The Sun Will Shine ,Again, Someday.

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